beep beep

that is the sound the road runner makes as he wizzes past wylie coyote. 
i feel like i'm wylie and my life is the roadrunner. i just can't catch up. 
and so, thanks to my camera, here is our trip in pictures.
more words to come later when i've slept longer than 3 hours in a row.
 yes, disneyland. we went. we saw. it kicked my trash.
 the two oldest had a blast with all their aunts, uncles and cousins. 
it really was neat to be there all together again.
 phoebe enjoyed the first 2 hours. and that was all.
 abby soaked it all in while lucy turned into an ocd rideaholic
 of all the attractions at disneyland, the ducks were phoebe's favorite.
 the parade was my favorite part. great dancing. great music. and the girls almost peed their pants in excitement.
 little hot rod and i spent a lot of time in the hotel room nursing. he's awesome.
 riding the train
the one and only picture of moi
 meeting the princesses. phoebe did love this part, and i loved how she gooed up all their dresses with peanut butter and boogies. hilarious!
best. picture. ever.


Anonymous said...

so fun. and how awesome to have lots of extra grown ups to help with the kids!

Michaela said...

hehehe. i don't know why, but that last picture kills me.

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