in a blog funk and i just don't care

*abby took this photo

lately i've had a lot of things on my mind. and there are more than a few things taking up my time other than writing.

  • pinterest. you heard me, i finally caught up with the craze. gone are the days of clipping out magazine pages and gluing them in a notebook. i'm addicted i tell you.
  • foyle's war. my parents finally got me to borrow it to get me through my single mom days of hunting season. i love it and i highly recommend it (if you enjoy world war II history, which i do)
  • general conference. twice a year my church has a conference where we get direction from our Prophet and leaders. we believe in modern day revelation, and their words are like salve for my soul. i felt like my Heavenly Father was personally speaking to me. my favorite talks so far were this one and ESPECIALLY  this one.  i put the talks on my ipod and listen to them when i clean. for 6 months i'm amazed at how much just a few minutes can help me relax and reprioritize my life. 
  • improving myself. i've find with 4 kids that my weaknesses are magnified by 1,000%. so the fact that i'm not very organized, and we don't communicate our schedules just doesn't cut it anymore. so far i have on my "learn to be better at list" is:
    • keep a clean house. not a "perfect" house, but not a pig sty. which mine currently is.
    • keep a clean car. somehow, somewhere in parenthood years my car turned into the family trash can.
    • send out thank you and birthday cards. seriously, every day i say i'm going to do this and i don't. and then i think about you all day long about your birthday and all the fond memories i have. like i don't have 2 minutes to send a card. i do!
    • eliminate emotional eating. you mom's know exactly what i'm talking about. i'm really tired of only fitting into 4 outfits.
  • i found the perfect, portable sound system for zumba. now i just need lots of $$$$ to pay for it. i'm currently thinking up a fun ZUMBA! fundraiser for it. so yes, you should come.
  • prayer. i find i'm so tired my prayers are all mumbo jumbo. i want to be more specific and sincere. 
  • sticking to our grocery budget. now when i finally get there i have a babysitter watching the kids and i'm all crazy fast like and well, impulse buys are what kill me.
what are you currently working on right now?


    Anonymous said...

    Oh Annie, I completely understand. Right now my improve myself list includes us learning to stick to our grocery budget which is going hand in hand with us trying to eat healthier( not totally junk free but not so much of it) which goes hand in hand with trying not to be an emotional eater. This is challenging when you are managing 8 schedules, one of which is putting in the right amount of time to teach Gavin his preschool curriculum to be prepared for next years all day kindergarten. I will pray for you my friend and you can pray for me ( to help you add something new to your prayers) ;)

    Trent & Tara said...

    i don't feel like your ever a blog slacker you do so many posts your slow down ones are my normal amount. i am afraid to look on pinterest...i think i would like it too. All of my extra free time goes to photography. I just can't get enough of it. We are trying to save up so we can finish the projects on our house. Alos we struggle with family and personal scripture study. It's nice to know that we all go through stuff like this:)

    my name is becky kelly said...

    currently working on seeing my children as Heavenly Father's children and not my own. I'm just temporarily caring for them. It's helping me to be nicer to them. I'm always worried that kids will leave my house and go back to their perfect mother's and say "faith's mommy yelled at us." or report some other horrible thing that I did to emotionally scar my chilren. If I can think "what will they tell Heavenly Father about me when they're done at my house" it makes it a little easier to be nice.

    angela michelle said...

    Annie, that picture is a treasure. What a perfect slice of life. Pinterest is taking over my life too.

    Emily said...

    Sometimes life spins so fast and there is so much to do that I forget to live in the moment. I find that I am constantly preparing for tomorrow or mourning yesterday, that my today gets totally ignored.

    I think you are amazing in all that you do. I, too, loved those Conference talks...and Ian S. Arden's Time To Prepare also spoke volumes to me.

    Keep up your wonderful work. It really is we all work toward bettering ourselves everyday, at our own individual paces.

    Good luck to you!

    Becky J. said...

    I'm in a blog funk as well and it's gone on now for about 4 months, and I just don't care. I care that I'm not telling people who I care about like you that I think you're awesome, but I don't care that I'm not all on top of it anymore, because something had to give and that was it. Joseph thinks facebook replaced it for me, but I'm not even up on facebook hardly at all anymore either, so I guess I've finally had my heart changed a bit so I can get my priorities straighter because man I used to want to be on the computer way more than I do now. Sorry, that just turned into a complete rant that is way more than you wanted to hear, but it's just a long way for me to tell you that I'm sorry I haven't been reading your blog very well lately, but I still love you! And I loved Conference too and my list of things I need to work on is SO LONG that I don't even know where to start, but meaningful scripture study is at the very top which is why every single talk seemed to be about the Book of Mormon to me. I think you're an awesome mom and person! Thanks for always entertaining, too. :)

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