oh phoebe!

phoebe's pregnancy was, well, let's just say...difficult. that girl started being bossy from day 1. she was a perfect angel baby and has been a great toddler. but boy oh boy, is she a lot of work! the other day ty commented on how nice the house looked (i had just frantically cleaned it for 10 hours for lucy's party). i said, "well, i can keep it like this, but where do you want phoebe to go and live?"

some funny things she's been saying lately:

"uhhhh happy birdday!" - when she sees a candle
"i no wan doo"- i don't want to
"i dot it! i dot it!"- i got it (whenever the phone rings, or i drop something)
"mean up! mean up! eby body eby bear!" -clean up, clean up everybody everywhere! song
"uhhhhh SCHOOLBUSSSSS!!!!!" - schoolbus
"dama!"- grandma
"dampa!" - grandpa
"ah baby wowey sleepy night night" - rodney fell asleep in the carseat
"i wan some! i wan some!"- i want some! she always say this at the top of her lungs. just open a candy wrapper behind her back. (this is also especially funny at costco sample counters)
"riddit! riddit! riddit!"- hopping around the house like a frog
"ah dump ah dump ah dump ah dump" - jumping like a bunny
"ah munny!"- a bunny
"quick! hide! hide!" whenever i ask her to come here
"hi rocky!" - our neighbor drives by at bus time
"i owa!" - pick me up
"ah daddy HOME!!!!"- daddy's home. also said at the top of her lungs
"dickers!" - stickers
"i ah painted nails!" - let's paint nails

as my mom says, phoebe is "her own woman"


Melanie said...

Oh Phebes! Stop growing. We want to get to know you!

Willow Dawn said...

Love your blog! so cute! miss you guys! hope lucy's bday was fun and not too crazy!

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