seen and heard

"wow mom, you look really nice today, different than other days" -lucy
"oh, and how do i usually look?"
"you always look scary"- lucy

at zumba,
"is your husband back yet?" (from hunting)
"yes!"- me
"did you miss him?"
"um, how many years have you been married?" -me
"then would you understand if i said "no"?" -me
all of us "hahahahahahahahaha"

answer the phone on a saturday afternoon, it's my brother bill:
"hey. what's up"- bill
"nothing, what are you doing?" (kids screaching and running around me)-me
"wait, where are you, chuck e' cheese?" -bill
"nope, this is just what our house sounds like"-me

many ways i've had to finish a phone call now that i'm a mom:

"oh sarah, i've got to go, phoebe's eating sunscreen"

"eddie! NO! eddie! NO! come back! crap, i got to go"

"phoebe, please don't pick that up, phoebe! phoebe! can i call you back?"

"wait! is that poop? ugh! put it down! oh, can i call you back?"

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