silver and gold

luke and liam are lego experts!
wednesday night my cousin stephanie called during their move from Phoenix. "where can we eat in mesquite?" she asked. "well, where are you?" i asked. " "we are just passing vegas." they have 3 boys the same age almost as our 3 girls. "just come here for dinner!" i pleaded. yes, i had had a crazy day. we had just returned from disneyland at midnight that morning. my house was a wreck. i had commitments that evening. but we usually only see them once a year, so i jumped on the opportunity. and oh! it was wonderful.  i even got them to stay the night! the kids played till 10:30pm, laughing and giggling and having a grand time. we stayed up talking and laughing and it was just like we were college roommates again. even though it was absolutely crazy, i'm so grateful for these moments of friendship. 

i believe that the Lord blesses us when we do what is right. although i have led a far from perfect life, i have tried, and sometimes struggled very hard to make the correct choices. usually they are small and seemingly insignificant choices, that have added up over the years to make up the course of my life. how do i know they were right? because of the peace that i live with, and the blessings in return.

i think the Lord has chosen to bless me with friends. i am so grateful for all of them. from my childhood friends that i rode banana bikes with,  my best girlfriends from high school, my bosom friends of college years, my many friends i've made from neighbors, church, work, family  and even blogging friends. i don't know what exactly i've done to deserve all of them, but i treasure each & every one of them. and they all have blessed my life. what a rich fullfilling world to be surrounded with friends.

if you are reading this, and you think i'm talking about you, i am.

so thanks!

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Melanie said...

How fun to see them! :) So glad it worked out.

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