diy paralysis

when i get an idea on what i want for our house, i then look up how to do it by myself (or better yet, look up how ty can make it by himself).  but then something happens when it comes to actually doing something: i get paralyzed. i want it to be so perfect/unique/me/different but cute that i don't do anything. so i have idea after idea after idea and.....drum roll execution. bare walls. no wallpaper. no picture frames. nothing.

so a little while ago, i decided it it is better to have SOMETHING made other than NOTHING made. does it have to be totally unique/pinterest worthy? no. does it have to work and look semi nice? yes.

and so, i was brave and ordered vinyl from a dear friend kathryn (thanks!) to kick start some projects and have had so much fun making my house a home. my goal this year is a place for everything and everything in its place.

and so on wednesday, instead of cleaning the kitchen to get ready to make pies, i found a scrap of wood, painted it, sanded it, screwed in hooks and made a coat rack for the kids. and guess what? they love it! they are so proud of their little names and hooks and take so much care to put up their coats and shoes. and it has blessed a small little corner of our home. it is not perfect in any sense of the word, but my kids and home are happier because of it. and what's not good about that?


Jed Wheeler Family said...

Finally, I have a name for my problem. I have DIY paralysis baaaddd. I could never figure out why it took me two year to hang curtains in the old house. You have solved my life's question. hehe.
I likkee the coat hanger and names, lovely.

Trent & Tara said...

Thanks for this post. i needed it. I am so wanting to make a zillion things for our house. and from all my pinterest finds i want them to look amazing. lately i think. i just gotta take one project and well start it. it can all get a little overwhelming at times. i love it, you did a great job!!

Whitney Baldwin said...

Thank you for the diagnosis. I have desks and dressers and projects that have needed to be finished/started for years.

And I die! That little coat rack is perfection. Honestly, whenever you show pictures here and there of your home, I always love it. Your taste is fabulous.

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