just another tuesday

wake up with rodney, 6am! bring him into room while you fold laundry
breakfast, music homework, make lunches, hair, dress
put baby down for nap
chase phoebe down, dress her and change diaper (it's a poopy one, that's why she's hiding)
get ready for joy school
rodney wakes up
joy school
put rodney down for another nap
hang out with joshlyn and her kids for lunchtime
clean up, put phoebe and abby down for naps
play with rodney, read, try and clean
put rodney down for 3rd nap
fold laundry
work on zumba routines
lucy home from school
homework, play, put on sense and sensibility for the girls
talk to sarah on the phone while you clean the girls' room
dinner. it's german pancakes since daddy is gone hunting...again
bathe, dress, nurse rodney to sleep
come out from putting rodney down to find phoebe drinking out of the syrup bottle
bathe, dress, read to girls
put in bed
put abby and lucy back to bed
put abby and lucy back to bed again
watch tv and bake two apple pies
shower while they bake
finish watching a tv show, put pies on cooling racks
go to bed
nurse rodney
wake up to a crying someone. lie in bed trying to decipher who it is. it's phoebe and it sounds like a throwup cry.
it's throwup (she obviously doesn't chew her pomegranates)
put phoebe in bath, strip down bed, spray, launder, wipe down crib
new pj's, rock for a few minutes, lay her down with new bedding (a blanket just in case she pukes again)
go back to bed
nurse rodney
sleep for a bit
wake up with rodney, 6am! blog while he plays on the ground witha teething ring

rinse and repeat

1 comment:

Jed Wheeler Family said...

we were happy to have been a part of your day. maybe phoebe was throwing up due to the syrup bottle. poor girlie. poor mommy.

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