see if you can beat this

saturday we had the annual pomegranate festival in our town. it is so fun! i love all the booths, and usually pick up some christmas gifts there, along with jars of jelly to support the art guild. some of the booths, ah! especially the really tacky ones. like, yes! i totally need NY jets throw pillows and a king size comforter! where have you been all my life?

but i digress. so i'm at the festival with all four children (what was i thinking?), alone, and we had had a pretty succesful outing. we almost lost phoebe in the food crowds, but didn't. we completed a craft with only one person crying and i let them all pick out a new hair bow (you've got to see abby's!).  so we are walking out of the Fine Arts building and i run into my high school english teacher, he asks "so, did you buy all these (my kids) by the pomegranates?" i responded with a chuckle and started to say,  " nope! they're all mine!" when i looked back and phoebe was gone. lucy, abby, phoebe. "oh!"  i gasped to him. "I'm missing one!" and ran away. frantic, frantic, frantic!  i run back into the building, run back to my friend that i had been talking to and gasp, "rebecca! have you seen phoebe? she's gone!" 

she looks at me, touches my arm and says, "you're holding her". 

i am not even making this up.

i seriously need to get some real sleep.

here's a picture of the "no sleep" culprit. good thing he's cute.


Anonymous said...

Oh Annie, I know exactly what it feels like. I had a similar situation this weekend. I can't tell you if gets better because I'm not there yet. The best of luck to us both. :)

Whitney Baldwin said...

Hilarious. I do believe that this is why God made babies so cute and irresistable, because they make us crazy.

And a happy belated 30th birthday to you!

Melanie said...

Oh Annie, your mom told me about that last night. :) I wish I could help you out.

You're right though. He's sure cute.

Spenser.Michaela.Aria.Izen said...

hahaha oh the stories you'll have to tell your children! You need a big dose of "zonk out till the morning" But goodness gracious, that little man is SO cute. A good way to loose sleep I think.

Bowler Family said...

At least you were actually in possesion of the child you misplaced. And did not drive away from home forgetting to put her in the car!! Or go to the wrong house to pick her up. And then after you leave the wrong house, you went home not realizing she still wasn't in the car!!

Emily said...

This is good! And so perfectly written, too! Those nights of sleeplessness do seem to last so long. At least you have such an adorable little chubs to show for it!

You're doing an amazing job!

Have a grand day!

my name is becky kelly said...

i braved the festival with 4 kids also. but we went quite late and didn't do much.
i have TOTALLY become frantic over the missing child that i'm holding. so stressful.

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