busy and sick. sick and busy.

i was really enjoying this holiday season. i had so much joy and thanks in my heart.

and then...

ty got sick. and then the kids. and i had to rest to get over a womanly issue sickness (tmi!)

and all of a sudden i got behind in everything.

and the sadness wave hit again because it just took one little cold to rock me out of my good groove i had going on. i was really starting to feel a (little) more on top of things. and now the laundry is overflowing and the dishwasher broke (which just makes my dish problem even worse), the presents are unwrapped, and i'm doing the last minute thought mambo in my head: wait? should i give this present to A and the other one to B? or switch them and then give something else to C? when will i get all the cooking done! and wrapping! and send out the cards because we never did last year! and is it ok they won't have photos in them this year? can you send a card without a photo? does lucy believe in Santa Clause still? and my brain is already scrambled so it's just making things worse.

but deep breath here, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

and i'm not going to let social pressures and customs ruin my fun. the cards will not have photos and i'm not sending out a christmas goody plate a plenty this year. and i'm going to be merry and bright no matter what!

even typing that just makes me want to crawl into bed for eternity.

anyone else battle holiday depression?

to cheer myself up, here are some pictures i snapped while lucy and i battled out a rummikub game. (that girl cheats just like her mother used to)


Jed Wheeler Family said...

Don't worry every year I nix something. This is the second year in a row I refuse to conquer the stress of cards. Tacky smilebox emails for everyone. I justify by telling myself I'm "going green."
PS-This weekend, as we were having family hoopla, I think the quote I heard the most was "it's Christmas we're all in misery." That and "Where's the tylenol?" (Good ol Christmas vacation.)

Anonymous said...

Yes Annie, I do. I try to over come it by doing what I know I can accomplish and knowing that I'm not in a Christmas competition. I enjoy the season more when I stick to this and don't fold under the pressure of friends/family wonderful cards and yummy treats. I haven't done a card in years and as much as I would like to it's just not happening this year.

Toni said...

Do what you can and don't worry about what you can't won't make any difference in the years ahead. Happy kids happy mother is all thats important. Soon they will grow up and be gone and you can do cards, bake, clean, and all that fun stuff. And miss them like crazy. Those curtins in last picture are just like the ones in Dals girls room. Your kids are darling enjoy them.

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