from a house to a home

when we moved into our house it was just that. a house. it had walls, floors, and a roof. it had doors and windows and rooms and a kitchen. getting pregnant with your 4th child after just 3 months of moving into your fixer upper home is not something i would recommend. for the past year i have struggled because the house wasn't "homey" (is that  word?).

so little by little, i've been trying to make little spots that i love. just like the coat rack i made, i've added some other things around the place that make me smile. 

 my santa collection is growing
 i love my new thomas monson drawing(that is not a photo!) from Jordan Jones
i fall more in love with it every day. 
i made the others from a geography book of the places i want to travel, africa, australia and europe. 
and gardening book sketch of a cow- both of our families have dairy farmers.
 one of the cutest additions to the house so far (sorry, couldn't resist!)
 trying to tackle our 40ft long hallway. yes, 40 feet!

and my favorite quote from charlotte's web. 
perfect for when i'm running out the door screaming at the kids to "get in the car!"
*don't mind the not painted trim and door (woops!)


Rachelle said...

It looks great. I can't wait until we get our own house, and I finally can paint doors and trim. Actually, I'd settle for just being able to paint...any color that I wanted.

P.S. We should play sometime.

Emily said...

It's lovely....all of it!

That print of President Monson is so perfect. I might have to hang one in my house!

Have a wonderful day!

Trent & Tara said...

Looks fabulous, you inspire me !! Pinterest is becoming my best friend. Hopefully, soon I will feel like this house is well...where I feel like I can decorate.

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