have a hap hap happy new year

i totally got busted for the last post! i thought for sure it would fall into the crack of times when ty doesn't read the blog for a few days. but no, he read it.

don't worry, we laughed about it all and he's been pointing out all the fungus that is probably growing in our house because of the hat comment. hahahahaha. he's so funny huh? (insert sarcastic tone here)

so anyways, happy new years! i'm so excited for 2012.
my odd years are usually a little "iffy" but the even years rock! hoorayyyy!!!!

we celebrated in extra special grand mode with the girls: a new years dinner of yummy appetizers and cream puffs and sparklers and sparkling apple cider. the best part? every kid was in bed by 7:45.  (we have church at 9am tomorrow! yikes!)

some of my new years resolutions are :

eat to live-not live to eat
 and keep a clean house. i currently vacillate between a perfectly clean house (which only lasts 2 hours-and took me all day to do), to a complete pigsty. i would like to hit a happy median here.

i have more resolutions but they are mine and i'm not sharing.

so there.

what are your resolutions this year?


Trent & Tara said...

these are two of mine as well.

my name is becky kelly said...

always keep my gas tank more than 1/2 full.
go to the temple 12 times.

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