merry christmas from hidden hollow

the children are all tucked into their beds, filled with sweet dreams of santa clause.

the dishes are stacked and dirty and the house is a mess, but it is because i'm blessed enough to have food to cook and children to feed. there are toys all over because there is life in this home. beautiful, blessed, overflowing little lives.

this christmas has been a lovely one. full of ups and downs. but i know the years will fly by, and i will crave, oh i know my heart will just ache for these christmas' that are full of smudgy handprints on the windows, broken ornaments and running little feet in the hallways.

we are so grateful to share our lives with you.
all the good and the bad
we know that gratitude and cheerfulness can get you through anything.

merry, merry, merry christmas to you and yours.

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