christmas morn

the girls slept in until 6:20, which was nice. ty asked if they wanted to just snuggle with us in bed for a little while before opening presents. abby was game, lucy not so much. we woke up phoebe and poor girl struggled all day long. talk about sugar highs and lows.
phoebe was more interested in cookies until about 8am
 abby loves her new bike
 it inspired lucy to be brave enough to take off her training wheels
never too late to learn right? we all have different talents right?
 nothing like those first few moments of christmas
santa wrote lucy a letter this year
and of course, the middle child wasn't happy about not getting a letter.

we had a great yet tiring day chock full of church and family,
and family and family and family and family!
we are so blessed. looking forward to the new year.
(i've already started deep cleaning and organizing plans in my head)

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Bowler Family said...

I love the picture of Abby and her new bike. SHe has the prettiest face. Ty is going to have to get an extra gun for all the boys she's going to bring around!! :)

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