there once was a little girl...

 who started with a strong personality from conception
 who my mom says, "must have something important to do later on". which i think is just a nice way of saying, "there must be some payoff for how difficult she is right now."
 when she is good...she is very very good. and when she is bad...she is
this is what i devised after an hour of putting her back into her crib. she is seriously a houdini ninja monkey when it comes to climbing out of that thing. i sat on our kitchen stool for an hour! just to hear her get out. she even learned how to open the door slowly so as to not ring the "jingle" bell i put on there as an alarm. the stroller worked really well as it would make a lot more noise. someone is going to call cps on me after seeing these photos. wouldn't that be awesome!

*apologies for the snotty faced pictures. this kid is like pig pen.


Toni said...

You know they make a tent that goes over the crib and zips shut to keep them in!!! My neice uses it with her 2 yr. old and they both love it.

my name is becky kelly said...

some days the thought of having CPS come take all of my children away doesn't sound like such a bad thing....

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