family time

for at least 5 years (that ty and i can remember), every new years day we go on an outdoor excursion with the adams family cousins. the girls love it and we have a lot of fun just sitting around visiting. this year we had to have a short trip because of commitments for new years eve (since new years day fell on our sabbath). even though we could see our houses from where we were, it was still a lot of fun. 
and not too bad of weather. i must say, this years weather during the holidays has been more than marvelous.
lucy, abby and uncle taylor up in the narrows
we found phoebe's eye twin, cousin mads
rodney, our little himilayan baby. that tongue!
adams family girls (minus austrie in canada)
i tried to protect rodneys ears during the shooting.
i love this picture. phoebe really likes those two
grandpa adams is a total stud
*thanks aunt corinne for the pictures. i was lazy and didn't take a single one!

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Mady said...

Awe, I love Phoebe! She's lucky she didn't get the "droopy eye" gene. ;)

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