a few things for the weekend

-this article was good. really good. read it. it usually doesn't bother me when older people advise me to "enjoy it now!", but when parents say, "enjoy it now, it only gets worse when they grow up!"  it peeves.

-i finally read this book. joshlyn has been on me for years to read it. she finally gave in a gave it to me for christmas.  oh, it was just perfect. but warning,  make sure you are either sick or have a few days to just lie on the couch. i could not put it down. 

-my brother and his neighbors all had to evacuate due to this fire.  bless those poor people that lost their homes.

-ty and i have watched this trailer probably 100 times. ever since we saw fantastic mr. fox we are wes anderson fans. it's kind of addicting. rodney's getting old enough for us to go out of town on dates, so this movie is going to be one of them. i doubt it's coming to our little pioneer theatre : )

-do you ever have outfits that you wear that you feel semi-comfortable with after having a baby? for the entire time i nurse my body stays squishy and wiggly. i think it is really good at storing food for emergency preparedness. this makes it difficult to find things that fit well and look nice at the same time. so i wore said "nice" outfit to the wedding, and wow. holy bad pictures batman.
 whenever this happens it sparks my body image weirdness that i used to have and i want to diet now! and lose weight now! and never look like that again!. but then i take a deep breath, embrace reality and realize i am just fine and will lose it all eventually. 

-on monday rodney cut his first tooth! and lucy lost another front tooth! i officially declared the day "TOOTHDAY!" and lucy responded with her hands on her hips, "no mom, it's monday."  

- we still haven't taken family pictures and i'm starting to panic. rodney is getting so big! the girls are already outgrowing their christmas dresses! ty and i don't have hardly any pictures of us together! but it will happen. we were going to take them a few weeks ago and my SIL's camera broke! sad day.  

here is the best recent picture i have of ty and me. he is hot no? 
(rodney, stop sticking out that stinkin tongue!)

-i've been cleaning like a mad woman. organizing and tossing everything. i usually feel like this every january, but when we were at the challis' house abby and ty were playing in the room and abby looked around, sighed and said, "it is clean here!" ouch.

-zumba and pilates are going awesome. word of mouth it spreading like wildfire and women are coming! and we have a large high school crowd coming now too! it actually makes me more nervous when a lot of new people come. because what if they don't like it? what if they don't like the moves? songs? me? ahhh! it's like one giant rejection! and can i tell you how hard it is to find popular, fun songs that are clean? very hard. so i felt badly when i busted out the john denver cool down song, but hey. it was a sunny day and i wanted to celebrate.

-i truly think being mormon just makes you more inventive. growing up we couldn't swear in the house, just like most other kids of our faith. and after generations of this we adapted to fit in. natural selection is real my friends.  watch this video. it's hilarious. growing up my brothers always said, "son of a biscuit!"

happy weekend!


Melanie said...

We haven't heard of that movie. I know Billy will want to see it. :)

I hadn't seen pictures of the fire. Holy cow! So glad they're OK. it.

That song, wow. That's about all I can say.

We both liked the video about swearing...Billy has watched it a couple times this week. :)

Melanie said...

And it's been fun to see the pictures from the wedding, but when Billy saw the pics of you 4 together, I know he wished there was a way everyone could get together again...

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