you'll just have to wait now.

i narrowed down my resolutions al little, or i guess i defined them a little more:

  • i have resolved to wash and put away two loads of laundry a day. sounds simple right? well, it is surprisingly difficult to get clothes put away!

  • and also to have 5 minute pick ups of the bedrooms every day. the girls have caught on fast.

  • and also also, to turn off my computer during the day.

this has been a hard one. i check my email in the morning. check a few sites, and then, power off. (gasp!)

i've started to make lists during the day for when the kids are in bed: "things to look up on pinterest today". like, good chicken thigh recipes. and tv stand furniture plans. and dishwasher prices. and activity day ideas for church.

let me tell you, i get so much more done during the day now. it's actually kind of embarassing.but i also ahve so much to write down and not enough time.

like how ty and i have been having so many fun dates together.

and how i got pulled over for speeding by two policemen!

and how our heater broke in our house as soon as it got cold here.

but you'll have to wait till i have time to write all these goodies down. and in the meantime, enjoy phoebe in her tutu. and yes, she's totally buck underneath. that silly girl.

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