road trip o' twelve

cleaned all the laundry. packed all the bags. took a trip to the library to stock up. loaded up with snacks. and jumped into the car at 5am. we were off to reno! for jessie's wedding.
 first stop: tonopah, nevada. it was like, 25 degrees.

i love these old mining towns. ty and i chalked up the mizpah for our next 'alone' trip destination.
 what a beautiful bride and cool groom. they were beaming. 
(i like this photo because it looks like jerry's touching her butt. haha)

cousin ellie and phoebe

jared. jessica. jill. and my brother russ.
it was such a fun day being able to see them sealed and then watching all the cousins play together at the reception. we, of course, wished that more curtis family could have been there. the trip turned yucks by saturday morning when the babies didn't sleep the ENTIRE night and the phoebe terrorized the challis' house (who graciously hosted us) and woke up the entire household. we turned the trip short and traveled halfway home that night, which turned out a smart decision as rodney barfed all sunday morning (yes! it was awesome! and i have no idea where it came from)

a road trip with kids, is just that, a trip that looks like this:
 crazy crazy crazy. and yes, the girls pulled their arms out of their straps while we were driving. argh.
when adults complain about a "long car drive" to get somewhere i just crack up inside. really? It was hard for you to just sit and listen to music and/or read for 10 hours? somebody call the wambulance. traveling with 4 kids & two of them in diapers and one with car motion sickness is like getting your wisdom teeth pulled without novocaine. the entire time i remembered, "so this is why i always stay home all day long, every single day of the week!" but alhtough there were times where i didn't buckle up because death sounded better then enduring more crying, and i think i need to see a chiropractor after turning around in my seat five thousand times to pick up a dolly or binky or hand a snack, 

i'm really happy that we went.

i realized how much i miss russ and jill and their kids. it's hard to have family live far away.

we always love visiting reno and the kids all in all did travel well. rodney had a hard time falling asleep without nursing, but we just endured little 8 minutes crying sessionsm(which felt like an eternity) for 2 hours of peace.  abby finally traveled well after we dosed her up with dramamine for her car sickness.  phoebe and lucy worked up a little "tossing" game to share snacks and toys. phoebe would just fling it over her head to her, and lucy would fling it in return. it was hilarious. we played 20 questions and even daddy joined the game. ty and i talked a lot and i found out some important facts, like he hates ruffles on my clothes. ruffles! and he loves it when i wear plain white button up shirts. guess i need to take a trip to DI and stock up. hehehe.

*sorry mel, i hardly took any pictures. : (


Melanie said...

Oh, it sounds like a memorable weekend. :) Thanks for posting the pictures you did take. We've been thinking about everyone all weekend long. So happy for Jessie and Jerry. They look very happy. :)

Hope Rodney is feeling better...

Rachelle said...

Having just done the whole Reno trip (sans kids) I can say that it is a really nice drive to take without them. Maybe someday :D

Bowler Family said...

If you'd turn on your dvd player that 10 hours would fly by!!! :) Wouldn't trade mine for the WORLD!!

Emily said...

Holy Smokes. Russ and Jill's kids are gettin' all grown up! Beauties!

Gotta love road trips with kids! You are a dad gum trooper! AND I am mighty proud of you for doin' it without your DVD player. That's true pioneer blood! ;)

I think you are swell!

angela michelle said...

That pic of the girls half out of their carseats and the crazy green hat is just priceless. Oh I can feel it.

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