date nights

we have been batting 100% for 1 date night per week lately (and i know i just jinxed this). since moving here with a new house and mortgage and student loans and all that other financial stuff that is tacky to talk about, date nights just weren't happening. we would stay up late sewing curtains or installing baseboards. you know, real romantic like.

but lately we have had a windfall of gift certificates and coupons so we took advantage and left the house! some of our favorite ones lately have been:

eating here
eating here
eating here (lots of eating)
watching this (i thought is was ridiculously contrived and cheesy, but ty liked it enough)
and going to The Mob Museum.

 if you are in Las Vegas, and want to do something with your time that you will remember, i recommend it.  I loved it, not so much about the mafia stuff, but the design was impeccable. the layout, the vintage photos,  restored woodwork and antique lighting, the lighting the lighting! Oh, I just really like the lighting because the company ty works for did all the electrical.  It was a rare date to walk through and have him point to all the conduit (sp?) and lights and say, "we did that and that and that and that, and oh, look at this cool thing here".   hark! a date where ty talked! *you must peek at the restrooms there, so neat.

thanks to grandma and grandpa we went to the museum, ate out and did a Lowe's trip for essentials. i left rodney for 6 hours! ack! awake! that was kind of hard for me but i know he was happy and well taken care of.

*we ate out for FREE at outback and cheesecake factiory. and had FREE tickets to the museum! made me feel so wealthy.ha!  we ususlly aren't that swanky on date night.  this friday is probably going to be red box and popcorn. now that's more like it.

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