i'm crazy and i know it. (and some weight loss stuff)

exhibit a: this video. i caught on tape my shenanigans as a mom. like when the kids keep pestering me with questions i break out in song and dance. it drives them crazy! or as abby says here, "you're ruining the video!"

exhibit b: for a while now i've been thinking about doing something about the previous post. you know, the dreaded B word: baby weight. every baby i have i gain at least 35 lbs.

#1. 50lbs.
#2. 35lbs.
#3. 68lbs
#4. 50lbs.

and then i have to sweat and toil for an entire year to lose it. and it takes a lot of work and it stinks.  a lot of the weight that i gain is not necessary, but a result of eating an entire pizza at 3am because i want to. i have some aunts who have had success on weight watchers and i have a dear friend tammy, who was my TNT trainer in 2008-2009 for the Salt Lake City Marathon. And she lost 105 lbs on weight watchers! She is an amazing racealker and just inspirational all aroun.   I'm so grateful to call her my friend. Anyways, i've talked to her more than a few times about weight watchers. and the weirdest part was i signed up on her 7th anniversary on it. i told her about it and she said, "be brave and blog about it!" so i am.  I took the plunge...and signed up! ahhhhh i just wrote that on my blog!!!!

the funniest part is i was so worried about how difficult it would be to learn "points". my brain is rattled and full to the brim already. but i finally did it because i have tried tons and tons of diets. the zone diet (which was the most succesful of them). the south beach diet. the biggest loser diet. the tracy anderson diet (yikes). 5 factor diet. and on and on and on.  and i know most of them work if you actually do them, but my personality cannot handle having "forbidden" foods. i go bat crap crazy if you say, "no sugar" or "no flour". ah!!!! (fyi: ty and i don't even know what bat crap crazy means, but i keep saying it? weird). i also can't handle eating a huge chunk of chicken for 2 meals a day. yuck.  i always make it (The maximum) of 4 weeks on these diets, and then i lose it. i need something lifelong. i need something new.

so the day i signed up online i started to put in my foods that i had eaten and guess what? it adds up everything for you! no thinking required! hallelujah. this is exactly what i need. it tells me when to stop eating and how much more exercise i need for the week etc. etc. etc. fabulous! so i put in my foods and wouldn't you know it, i was all out of points for the day already. and it was only 2pm. ha! no wonder i'm not losing any weight. dur.

it is day 3 on my journey and so far i really enjoy it. i don't know how much i'll write about but i'm really hopeful this time. ty's cheering me on (but not in a machismo way) and i've pretty much told everyone now ( i told all my zumba buddies last night!). so if i'm at your house and i decline your delicous double decker german chocolate cake, please don't be offended. i'm trying hard to make a lifestyle change. wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


Candi said...

I don't normally comment on blogs but I just wanted I think you're hilarous and you're one of my favorite blogs to check :) :)

I've been doing weight watchers and have nearly lost all of my baby weight!! I gained 56 pounds my baby is 3 months old. I have just about 5 pounds to go!!

Weight watchers is nice because you can eat whatever you want. I noticed that I've eaten a lot healthier simply because I get more food. I've started finding healthier alternatives to my favorite things. At the beginning I would have greek yougurt with frozen blueberries instead of my nightly bowl of icecream with my husband. I found I looked forward to it just as much!!

I've been on every diet too. This is the only one that has worked for me. (The longest I ever lasted on a diet was 16 days). One of my aunts lost a 100 pounds and has kept if off for over 10 years.

My biggest tip is to go for fruit first when you're having a sugar craving. (its prevented quite a few binges for me and its 0 points!).

And use your weekly points. It will help you not feel so deprived. Some weeks I use all of them and other weeks I use half or less. But I never say I cannot have my weekly points.

Sorry for the lengthy comment!!

Annie Leavitt said...

thanks candi! that is great to hear your success story.

i love that i can use my favorite zone shake recipes and dinner recipes and just plug them in like magic! and know how much to eat (or not to eat!). i'm defnitely stocking up on more fruit. haha!

audreyspencer said...

I also have had a lot of success on Weight Watchers because it teaches you good eating habits, and portion control...which is my downfall! After awhile counting the points comes second nature. Enjoy it while you are nursing get a whole heck of a lot more points when you are! I lost 30 pounds after my first baby...but haven't lost after 2 and 3 because of a recently discovered hormonal imbalance (I don't stop producing prolactin). Hopefully after that's cleared up, mine will come off fast. That's off the point, but I just want to let you know that I'm rooting for you!

Melanie said...

You go girl! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you. I am also looking forward to hearing about how it goes. I would love to find something that work for long term so share, share, share your experience.

Rachelle said...

Weight watchers worked for me. I love that nothing is off limits.

Becky J. said...

It's been so long since I've gotten on your blog and I miss it! I miss you! I always come away laughing and with good things to think about. I wish you were my neighbor! We'd have so much fun commiserating together about the adventures of motherhood. Anyway, I think you're beautiful (I don't see the extra weight, so your camera must take off the pounds!) and a great mom (I loved the "Why does my mom hate me?" picture--ha!) and as awesome as ever. And I finally did zumba and it made me wish I could go to your class each week!

Tammy said...

Wow you DID write about it! You go, girl! You are gonna LOVE really is not hard. Just takes a little planning, and voila! And yes, I have to be able to eat crap once in a while, which is why WW works for me and has for so long. It's flexible! Everything in moderation :).

Annie Leavitt said...

thanks everybody! i'll keep you updated.

angela michelle said...

annie, you're a hoot.

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