master bath...almost done (famous last words)

tile and baby all installed by tyson (hehehe)
the walls are benjamin moore sidwalk gray. the ceiling and trim are benjamin moore chantilly lace.
we still have to put in some can lighting in the ceiling (so the color doesn't keep looking purple to people), a vanity mirror and other essentials, like oh say, a toilet paper roll dispenser. 
ours still sits in the window sill. classy!

this has been a long. long. long process. we don't use a credit card anymore (dave ramsey!) and so had to buy the tile and supplies week by week. and ty had never tiled a shower before (let alone a floor). so it was a learning process. but a mere 2 months later of walking back and forth from the girls' bathroom, it's done.

*if you are ever wondering why someone would buy the more expensive paint because there isn't a difference. there is a big difference. only one coat, no drips. smooth application. heaven.  it all happened by accident too, i had been buying ben moore colors, but having them mix it in generic paint, to save moolah. but one tired, trip to the hardware store with all 4 kids i bought the $65 dollar can. WHAT?  but, what's done is done, so i opened up the lid, put in the paint brush, applied the first stroke and just gasped. "what?" ty asked.  "this paint is amazing!" i said. and so, it turned out to be the best worst mistake i have ever made. i don't think i can ever go back.


Toni said...

One thing you should not scrimp on is paint!! Makes all the difference in the world when you have to wash off finger marks, crayons, all the thing kids leave behind. Good job on the bathroom looking very pretty.

Trent & Tara said...

looks amazing Annie great job with the bathroom, little Rodney is so cute in his ducky. We have the same one with girls.

Whitney Baldwin said...

installed by Tyson...HAHA!!

my name is becky kelly said...

oh yeah, there's nothing like real paint! I have a toilet paper holder you can have. really. i think i gave the silver one to my sister already, but i have a couple more and don't remember what they look like. they're just sitting there, if you want one or both please take them. maybe there are two silver ones? i don't remember. come look at them next time you're here.

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