master bedroom pictures

i asked ty why he is so dang grumpy lately. in his reply he mumbled something like, "there so much i have to do on the house."

and this is true. almost every spare moment of this man's life is spent towards fixing the house, our vehicles or the property. but, and this is a big but, we knew it would be like this. does it make our life stressful? yes. does it keep us out of trouble? double yes. our bedroom has been undergoing some huge transformations. in my quest for cleanliness i have been mainstreaming everything and purging. we moved around a lot of furniture and pictures and i'm really happy with the results so far. our bedroom is so nice now it is "off limits" to anyone who is not a parent. it really is a peaceful little spot of our house.

of course we have no idea how to agree on the closet openings. ty likes them bare with nothing. i like curtains. should we make doors? i just don't know.
ty finished the tile of our master bath and i just finished painting the bathroom! expect some pictures of the finished product soon.
*and fyi* my room is a disaster now trying to keep a 2 year old entertained while i paint.

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