run for a wish

have you ever had a babysitter for your kids that just felt like, "your" babysitter? like you could call her up any day of the week or weekend and she'd be there for you? and you don't mind if she sees your house dirty. and she knows where everything is in your house and it feels totally normal to have her there?

well that's our jenni. we LOVE her. as in l.o.v.e. sometimes i start to get worried that hte girls prefer her over me. multiple times a day phoebe will say when we get into the car, "weawa git jenniiiii?"

so anyways, jenni is a make a wish kid and every year team Moapa Valley walks in this fundraiser. Well last year two kids came down with the stomach flu so we missed. But this year we all made it, even daddy and cousin Kaleb came. Before the race started we were stuck in the middle of the festivities with the double BOB stroller, which is huge, next to the star wars crew. they were legit! seriously, so cool. i'm surprised phoebe wasn't afraid of them, but abby totally was. chewbacca kept trying to get a picture with her and she would not go for it.

the walk was fun and maybe next year i'll run the 5k! that sounds like a good goal. it was awesome to support our favorite jenni. she is the best. especially because she laughs at all my jokes and knows how to yell at eddie. : )

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Terril Family said...

I'm jealous. Does jenni have any friends up for taking over three kids?

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