seen and heard: weekend edition

*saturday night ty and i went on a date all the way to st. george. it was crazy! i felt so rebellious/worried about leaving rodney for that long. but, we have faith in our babysitter and ty wanted to use up a gift card we had.

while eating dinner there was a {very} pregnant girl next to us. on the drive home i told ty, "you know, i sat there looking at her, and i thought, "i did that 4 times?". i don't even remember that."

to which he so calmly replied, "I do."


then we went to walmart. our dates have evolved (or detioriated?) into that; every single one ends up with a grocery trip. i hardly ever get there on my own anymore, except after zumba. and that's always fun. i love going out in public in spandex. it's my favorite.

*sunday i substituted abigail's primary class. what a hoot! we were talking about the birth of Jesus, and I asked, "can you tell me how a family gets ready for a baby to come?"

and my own dear, sweet, abby said, "the mom's face is sad because it hurts a lot to get the baby out."  *i'm thinking this is from the Joseph Smith movie we watched for FHE and it had a graphic birth scene in it. either that,  or i talk to much about natural childbirth.

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