birth story blurbs

i don't know why, but i've submitted two birth stories over the last few years. and both have been published.  in retrospect i think i should have edited them and stuff, but i never thought there was a chance they'd make it in.

Rodney's laughable birth story was published here:
i really like this collection of birth stories and promoting birth as a natural process, not an illness.

And Phoebe's was graciously published by Gabrielle at
such a classy lady, classy site.

Someday soon i'll take the time to write down my first two births, so when i'm old and wrinkly my kids can read them and make fun of me.
 i love giving birth and i love newborns. and tyson loves them too. but for the first time in my life, i read about my friends having babies on their blogs and talk to them on the phone, and afterwards i think, "i am so glad that is not me right now".  momma needs a break if you know what  i mean.

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