pictures from tyson's hike yesterday

it is full on busting out spring all over our property. cottonwoods blossomed over night, willow trees are drenched with kelly green leaves. the weather is glorious.

and we are having a little family reunion this week with all of my family.  it's been great already. here's to a fabulous week.

*everytime i deep clean my house i say to myself, "i will never let it get this bad again". and then a week later i just repeat the same steps. what is wrong with me?


Trent & Tara said...

The weather is so nice. Fun family time. I love and cherish any family time we get with the Askeroth's so much cause it never happens. P.S. I do the same thing with my house every week. It takes so long to clean too, its depressing:/

Tiffany said...

Your P.S. made me laugh because I say the exact same thing EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I think "Okay now it's clean, all I have to do is maintain it for the rest of the week! I can do this!" And then by Wednesday it looks awful again. If you figure out a way out of this vicious cycle, please share!

Carol said...

It says you are NORMAL!!!!! I have come to the conclusion that the women who keep really clean houses all the time are in the minority! Especially if they have kids. I applaud them and wish I could be like them but gave up that dream alooong time ago. I STILL say the mantra..."I shall maintain" but never do. There is to much fun stuff going on.

Toni said...

You are human!! Enjoy those 4 beautiful kids now and soon enough they will all be in school full time and you can then have a cleans house for part of the time. They are much more important than a clean house is. So enjoy them all.

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