vacation over

this is the only photo i took all week long of the texas cousin's visit. i'll have to steal from my family soon. it was a wonderful week of hanging out. we loved every second of it and i miss those little nieces and nephews already. they flew all the way back to Houston and will move back east in June.

i'm trying not to be too sad about how far away they will be, but it's not working. i'm having my own little pity party in my heart about it.

now we have to go back to real life. school. schedules. homework. tests. classes. laundry. groceries. bills. oh my.

*in other news, i was so tired after visiting all week i dressed rodney in phoebe's purple pj's.
we had to take a photo to document what  a cute girl he would make.

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stephanie said...

we had texas cousins visiting last week, too! it sure was fun, but man, it wiped us out.

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