ferris was right

life moves pretty fast. one second it's monday and the next it's friday. phoebe and rodney are growing and changing every day. the school year is nearing the end with concerts and performances and church stuff.
on sunday morning ty called, "mommy! phoebe has something to show you!"
i don't mind touches bugs and insects, but something about holding a lizard irks.
ty said she was giving it kisses when she had to let it go. that girl is amazing.
rodney had his first spaghetti- he loved it. that boy sure loves salty and savory.
and my last 3 kids have had a strange love affair with firmly steamed broccoli

in other news, i went to California for less than 24 hours!
zumba is starting to get some new people from our (expensive, ahem) advert in the paper
our stake's 100th Anniversary is Saturday and I have to dance with our youth in it (nervous)
i had to cut out 10 WW points because i'm not nursing anymore (what?!)

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Travis & Natalie Nelson said...

You did very good on your dance. It was fun to watch.

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