our county fair is a great county fair

every year since the 70's our little small valley has something come to town. the fair! ( i hope you just jumped for joy like my kids).  there are mixed feelings about the fair with residents here. some love it (ourselves included). some hate it. some are neutral.

for our little family it is a big deal to go to the fair. because, let's be honest here, we don't go anywhere or do anything. i'm not joking, i don't take my kids anywhere but to family and friends houses. so for 2 days we go to the fair and do everything and see everything and eat everything. and then we talk about it all and plan on what to do the next year.

i think one of the joys of the fair is the familiarity. there are always piglets and a momma. there is always the one funky looking chicken that you feel sorry for. there is always scary chinese food sold there. there is always the merlin in the wizard booth. there is always the rodeo and the funny clown. there always is a carnival with rides (although this year, no scary carnies!- i was shocked) there always are funnel cakes and deep fried snickers bars. and there is always people from school and town that you haven't seen in forever there. in my opinion, it's the perfect time to say hello. you chit chat for 2 seconds and then it's ok to walk away, because, well, it's the fair! you've got places to go and see.

with the help of my mom and mother in-law the girls faired out on thursday and friday. daddy came to the carnival with us for 5 hours. 5 hours! and ty and sarah and i went to the rodeo on friday night. fun!
first picture of the day. everyone is clean.
holding baby chicks
paul, we petted the goats just for you.
train ride with grandma curtis
the carnival!
this train moved slower then a teenager getting ready for church
face painting (1/2 price before noon, thank you pennie!)
pony rides
cougar pride!

* i could have bought around 20 pairs of pajamas for how much moolah we dropped  at the fair. (thank you zumba!) now i'm broke : (
*we are still really sad about eddie around here.

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Amanda said...

Im so glad you guys love the fair as much as we do!!! :)

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