the silk robe

i've been pondering a lot about pajamas lately. (actually, i ponder too much about everything, but pj's is the topic today).  i don't have cute pajamas. and the thing that bothers me, is even when i do have "cute" pajamas, i can't find the matching top and bottom. but i can't even remember the last time i had "cute" pajamas that i bought just for me, that weren't on sale or clearance or at walmart. i usually wear a large t-shirt and some pj bottoms or capri leggings. said shirts and bottoms usually have stains or paint splatters on them. i bet ty can't wait to see those rocking family reunion shirts every night!

but i've always wanted a nice silk robe. the principal dancers in the ballet company always had a beautiful silk robe they wore during make-up and warm up. and i longed, and pined, and coveted. but coveting is against the commandments, so i felt it was wrong to want one. and then remember the robe from pride and prejudice when kyra knightley longingly looks in the mirror for like, forever? i wanted one of those. but i have never felt like i could "have" one. i don't know if it was the money issue, or i honestly can't see myself as someone with nice pajamas and a nice robe.

but why not? why can't i have one nice robe? i've been coveting this night dress for over a year now.  i could save up my spending cash and skip the thrift store for a month- or cut back on buying chocolate chips (they are a fortune down here!) for a few weeks and buy something nice to sleep in. because i don't want to be mismatched pajama mom. i want to feel beautiful even at 3am when i'm scrubbing throw up off of pillow cases (yes, i was doing that last night).  am i the only one in this boat?

i've been thinking about this for awhile- and this quote today made me decide i was on to something. i'm not a scrub. repeat after me: "i am not a scrub!".  i think i might start a pajama revolution now!

You can be excellent in every way. You can be first class. There is no need for you to be a scrub. Respect yourself. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Do not dwell on unkind things others may say about you. Polish and refine whatever talents the Lord has given you. Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life and look for its opportunities. Gordon B. Hinckley Ensign, May 2001, 93.

*PS* thanks for all the kind comments. i love meeting all these new ladies that stop by here!
*PPS* dont' forget to enter the giveway here.
*PPPS!* the county fair is this weekend. (hooray!, i'll see you there!)


Vyanca said...

It might be wrong to say it, but I say sleep naked! Then you don't have to worry about pj's!!!

Toni said...

I say get you a pretty robe, missed seeing you at the fair we were only there Thurs. looked like best day to go. Going to go stay with Dallon for a few weeks from here. Love your blog and seeing your cute kids grow.

angela michelle said...

You get cute pjs every time you have a baby. So consider this your Rodney set!

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