while doing my exercise video this morning i lean into child's pose and feel a crunch on my forehead.  "uh!" i thought, "a chip" only to look up and see a squished roly poly. phoebe had rounded up an entire colony while waiting for the bus this morning.

phoebe and rodney both had the runs last week. i'm pretty sure i would change 20 diapers by noon.

it's triple digits here already. i knew we wouldn't get a delicious winter without paying a price, so the swim slide is up. and the girls are all at a perfect age for it. and phoebe loves to wear her "SWIMSOUP!"

she was in the room with me while i donned on my suit. as i turned around with it on, she jumps up and down clasping her hands and oohing, "oh mommy! you so big!".  fyi- never change in front of a 2 year old.

rodney stopped nursing.  snap. just like that. i'm usually the one that pulls the plug, so i'm a little sad. ok, a lot sad. i feel like his rejection of my bosom symbolizes a rejection of me entirely, but i know that's not true. ye mugs me all the time! but bonus! i usually drop those last 10lbs when i wean (fingers really crossed here as i have 20 left not 10)

lucy is on fire with AR (accelerated reader) points in school and has her eye on the prize. we are cheering her on every day.

abigail can't stop talking about kindergarten. she is bored to tears every single day, thank goodness for Great Grandma Leavitt's sewing room. (thank you!)

ty and i went camping friday night...without the kids! we put rodney and phoebe to bed at 6 (they both sleep 12 hours- and now i'm jinxed) and hit the movies and then camped over night at red rock. the stars were amazing, and it was so nice to sleep without listening for babies. that's the best i've slept in years. (ty slept horribly. he said an owl was hotting all night- but i don't have to change their diapers do i?)

my friend natalie's birthday party was saturday night and i love her! and i love my neighbors! it was a fun time.

church was an off week. the kids had ants in their pants. phoebe's volume was stuck on high. the older kids ate all of the babies snacks. the senior citizens in front of us kept giving us the evil eye. another older couple behind us told us we had a "nice family". tender mercy indeed. i don't think i could have handled one more glance of disapproval.


Vyanca said...

I got my package today, thank you so much! I love it all but it makes me homesick!!!

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