i have first world problems

-the kids go to bed early. and it is wonderful! but ty wants me to stay up late with him. and then, well, my kids wake UP early. as in, by 6:30am everyone is up and at 'em.

problem: i always, always, always, want to hide under my warm covers and keep sleeping for at least 2 more hours instead of making breakfast at 6am.

-rodney learned how to pull himself up on saturday.
problem: he can now reach the light switch above his crib and the closet door handle. so guess what he does during naptime instead of sleeping? onoffonoffonoffonoff. openshut.openshut.openshut.openshut.

-phoebe, rodney and abby all nap at the same time during the afternoon. and they are pretty consistent with this. so, instead of getting a ton of work done while they all sleep, i usually take my "lunch break" from work. small lunch, study time, fluff book reading time, and then i usually fall asleep.

problem: the house looks like this about 20 minutes before ty gets home. (let's be honest though, usually 3 times as bad as this. ok, fine! it's like 300 times as bad) then i do i  the dirty dash: music on, dishes cleaned up, counters wiped off, floors vacuumed really quickly, dirty diaper trash taken out. i used to do this every afternoon when we had 2 kids, and 3 kids, but with 4 it is almost impossible! so now i am doing it first thing in the morning, and it's helping a ton.

-ty bought me these roses for mother's day. aren't they beautiful? he was still feeling sick on sunday from his terrible cold.

problem: i had the worst mother's day ever. phoebe, abby and i all came down with pink eye. i took care of the sick ones, segregated the healthy ones away from us. washed all the sheets and pillow cases. lysoled the entire house twice, cooked the dinner, cleaned up, did a few of the dishes and then went to bed early. i did get to talk to my mom on the phone and had friends text me. but still, blah.

-yesterday i took the 3 youngest to the dr in st. george. filled up with gas, ate lunch with no major accidents or spills (success!) and headed home. there were a lot of errands i had to run and random things at walmart to pick up, but i have kids with PINK EYE and you DON'T TAKE THEM PLACES OR SEND THEM TO SCHOOL OR CHURCH so it doesn't spread. sorry, small rant here. i'm done. * my dr. said 24 hours after they are on the drops they aren't contagious anymore. we were all confused about this

problem: we are still quarantined today and i have to wash all the sheets and pillowcases again and disenfect every surface about 5 million times.

please feel extremely sorry for me.


Amanda said...

I'm so so sorry!!! I just had pink eye and it was miserable!! I feel for you :(

my name is becky kelly said...

oh you bet your bottom dollar i feel sorry for you! I'm the only one who hasn't had it! the other 6 of us have had it AT LEAST once. *sigh* i'm sorry my friend. so... the school told me the same thing about 24 hours, but my dr said that as soon as there's no discharge. after a month of this i've decided that they're contageous until they look normal again. good luck!

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