linky loo for the weekend

i just finished reading this. ugh, melanie, it took me forever! but a good mystery overall.

some things every pregnant woman should know

i watched this talk the other day and it was exactly what i needed. i love how straight forward he is. you can read it here.

our wallpaper arrived for the laundry room. but tyson is sick, we'll see when we get that puppy finished.

we are taking family pictures on saturday before we head to a family wedding reception. i have no idea what we will all wear.

the girls had their end of the year recital for this program yesterday.   watching the girls up there i realized that we had had a rough go around this year with a baby in the house. i never forced them to practice because it wasn't worth it to me, but i also didn't implement some cute reward system so they would be motivated to do it.  we had fun going to the classes, but i realized that i failed in that department this year. oh well, at least i kept them fed and clothed, right?

and in other news, rodney is 11 months old today. 11 MONTHS!! how time flies.

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Jordan and Jandee said...

I've always wanted to read Moonstone. I will have to and then we can talk about it :)

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