-since rodney weaned himself things have been a little...ahem...painful. i tried to relieve the fullness and hurt- but it only made matters worse. so try not to bump into my chest in the next few days- it could cripple me.

-in other news tyson has nicknamed rodney "goat baby". as he is happily drinking goat's milk by the bottleful these days from our friends' awesome farm. i'm very grateful for other alternatives then cows milk since all of my kids have had issues with it (and they can blame that all on me).


Rachelle said...

Supposedly cabbage works great for breast engorgment, but it never worked for me. All it did was give me limp cabbage leaves and the need for lots of perfume.

Whitney Baldwin said...

Zach decided it would be fun to stop nursing cold turkey, too. And that was probably the most excruciating pain of my life. No joke.

Don't underestimate the soothing powers of a nice cold leaf of cabbage. Good luck to you!

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