rodney has found out that not only can he crawl, but he can crawl to get places! this is always a bittersweet moment, bitter because you can't expect them to stay still, but sweet because they entertain themselves more.

yesterday i heard him belly laughing and turned around to see him heckling grey baby the cat. he also has found the DVR button (ahem, ty, we still need a shelf) and pushed it so many times it broke.

 don't judge my messy table mmkay?
 ty took these pictures on saturday while i napped (yes! i napped!)
 rodney played with sticks for over an hour
his favorite gadget to play with is the dishwasher. something about that thing really calls to him. he hears it open and crawls over as fast as possible. church the last few weeks have been difficult as we don't let him leave the confines of between ty and me and the chairs. "but mom!" he says, "look at all those exposed electrical outlets i could put my fingers in!"  i can be such a buzzkill sometimes huh buddy?

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