oh my G%#

i remember a few years ago, Jandee and I were talking about movies and how bad most of them are becoming these days (yes, just like a little old lady bridge club). i remarked about the usual stuff that has always offended me, unnecessary nudity, adultery, explicit sex scenes, you know...stuff in every movie.  she remarked that her husband Jordan cringed every time a character took the Lord's name in vain. If a movie said it too many times they stopped watching it.  that really struck me, as i never really even noticed when people said that, or took offense to it.

fast forward to lucy's 1st grade fall semester and talk at the dinner table. she questioned why one of her friends would say the G-- word so much. i reminded her that not everyone is of our faith and believes that it's wrong to take the Lord's name in vain.  and then ty reminded the entire family dinner table that, it IS one of the 10 Commandments, you know, that were given to Moses? in that big book called The Holy Bible?

i really laughed at how i never really got that before. unless people aren't Christian, or maybe there are Christians that don't believe in the commandments or The Bible? i am pretty naive. but seriously, the majority of the people that i associate with are Christian and do believe in God.

anyways, in the past year i have noticed more and more how much it is said around me in the media and in the public.'s offensive to me now. now i know that most people say it out of habit, it's a cultural slang of expression of surprise and shock. just watch a home remodel on the DIY channel. you'll hear it said about upteenthousand times.  people aren't really thinking about what they are saying and what it actually means.  but maybe that's the point. maybe we don't think enough about what we are saying, and the meaning behind it. maybe people don't realize that they are taking the Lord's name in vain. (vain: a derivitave of the word is to take someone's name in vain use someone's name in a way that shows a lack of respect.) maybe we are too apathetic too care, or to think, "you know, maybe i should say that a little less, or find something else to say instead."

so, i don't know the point of this post. i just know that i have been thinking about this a lot, and trying a little more to think before i say things. because maybe i'm repeating phrases and words* that are offensive to others, that have a lot of meaning behind them but i've just fallen into a bad habit.  and i'm not expecting the world to change over night, but i know i can try a little harder.

*i have a habit of calling people "retarded" when they make dumb choices. in no way, shape, or form am i referring to people with special needs. but i can understand how family members of a special needs person would find that offensive.


M.C. Sommers said...

I love this post. I remember when I was little and my mom explained movie ratings and how G movies were good because they didn't have swearing. I was totally confused because Disney movies take the Lord's name in vain and I thought that was considered swearing.

I agree that it's just a habit for most people. It makes me wonder about what things I say out of habit that probably aren't the best.

Anonymous said...

I understand. Its funny that you posted this. We were watching We Bousght a Zoo with the kids the other day and were shocked that there were so many swear words and vain uses in a PG movie. It made me sad to think that its hard to find good family movies without ANY swearing or vain usage of the Lord's name. It also mad me sad because Nathan had mentioned that we can't even send our kids to the movies with their friend's families unless we had seen the movie first. We allowed Lizzi to go see the movie with a friend's family for her friend's birthday and probably wouldn't have if we had seen it first. I am sad for the day when we have to wait for all movies to come out on dvd so that we can sensor them first.

Bowler Family said...

I admit that I a totally ammune to the 'G' word. I don't even realize people say it anymore. But the one that just makes me wince is when someone uses Christ's name in vain. I went to beauty school with a girl who used it all the time. One day I summoned my courage & told her that when she said that it offended me and I would appreciate it if she owuldn't anymore. She actually kind of blushed and told me she was LDS and knew better. She apologized and I never heard it again. I appreciated her in turn not being offended by me and being sensitve to my sensitivity!! Does that make sense!?

Jordan said...

Oh I am missing our long picnics with lovely "bridge club" lady conversations!

BTW how huge is Phoebe in your pictures of her with the horses? Time is going at warp speed.

Oh yes and Gavin is obsessed with roley polies right now.

Missing you.

Jordan said...

Oh yes and the last comment was me (Jandee) of course.

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