starting to feel like job

a month ago i almost blagged (blog bragging) about how healthy our little family has been. i was pretty proud of our healthy streak of 4 whole months with not even the sniffles! i proudly chalked it up to my awesome skills of on guard oils on hands and feet regularly, green smoothies and our ormus super greens, probiotic pearls and clean house (that last part was a joke).

but for a month we have been sick. it started with ty, who now i think must have had strep, because his sore throat lasted 3 weeks. and then two weeks ago we got hit with PINK EYE! and then a nasty cold, and then PINK EYE! again, and rodney has had a cold again. and i think, oh man! it's finally over.  and start to breathe a sigh of relief.

last night we had girls night at our house for andrea, who is moving (that little stinker). it was so nice to have kids sleep through the night, and not wash their pillowcases twice a day or lysol every square inch. i laughed and laughed and enjoyed myself with all my neighbor friends till late at night. and went to bed happy, for a few hours. phoebe woke up first warning me she felt sick. and then barfed all over the couch.

and then rodney upchucked all over his crib.

perfect. just perfect.

i think it is proving my theory that lysol actually kills your immune system. that one's been rolling around in my head for a few years.

but we must end on a cheerful note (ha!). i finally got a picture of rodney's obsession with grey baby.

i have the cutest video but it's refusing to upload. oh well, here's to a  healthier week.

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Bowler Family said...

Oh dear!! That doesn't sound good!! If the locust, frogs and boils show up, I think it's time to call it quits!! :)

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