i don't think i'm the only mom who worries about their children's future. i have a hard time reading the newspaper or even listening to 5 minutes of the news. it is crazy out there. but then again, the news focuses on the negative and who needs that right? i'm negative enough by myself, don't really need any help there! solution? well besides lots of prayer i've demanded from ty that we do more traditions with the kids. things they can rely on and that maybe some day they will look back in 30 years and be grateful that we did them.

i remember my mom always talking about going to the cemeteries on memorial day to visit ancestors. and sunday night i asked ty if that's a new tradition we could do with the children. he acquiesced so early monday morning we headed to both local cemeteries to see ty's great-grandparents and uncle cord. the girls whined at first but had fun when were there. phoebe got in trouble for walking on the headstones and threw a tantrum, but all in all it was a fun start to a new tradition.

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