back in the saddle

"go run" the voice in my head whispered.
"no, i'm tired and the bed feels so good."
"go run" it said again, more loudly.
"20 more minutes, and then i'll get up."
"go run!" it yelled.

"fine!" so this morning, for the first time in 2 years, i moved my legs fast enough to constitute a run.

man, did it feel good. the sun was shining, it wasn't too hot yet (it was 6am), and the birds chirped me along.  it was a short run, but afterwards i felt like i could conquer the world. there's nothing quite like that runner's high.

i was surprised to see how good of cardio shape i was in just from 2 days a week teaching zumba . but there's one thing i noticed that was different since before baby #4:  the saddlebags. slap slap slap slap, they cheered me along as i followed the trail. they usually go numb after about 15 minutes, but still. remind me to wear my compression shorts from now on. and i can't skip pilates no mo.
phoebe and her amazing bed head hair, helped document this special day with me.

*my friend meja coerced me into registering for the Vegas Ragnar. and since i was so late to the meeting i got a hard leg. hooray!
i'm glad she did though, because it's the only thing that got me out of bed this morning.

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Bowler Family said...

Well you are as good as pregnant if you registered to run ragnar!! Both times you have planned on running a marathon you end up "in the family way"!!! Hope it's another boy!! ;)

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