fantastic friday

it's blessed friday. phew.

we barely made it through this week. and when i say barely, i mean b a r e l y.
i questioned my abilities as a mother a lot these last few days. i was tried past the edge of my comfort zone and kind of floated in limbo out there. you know in the cartoons when they are running so fast they don't realize they are in the middle of the air? but yet, they don't fall until they stop and realize the ground is no longer under their feet. kind of just like that.

luckily the Lord sends little mercies my way and through a lot of texts and phone calls and sweet rachelle bringing us dinner, we survived. and you know what? we are just fine. maybe even a little stronger for not killing each other during it all too. because at one point, when rodney barfed all down my chest again and pleadingly looked into my eyes, i just was done. "what am i doing wrong?" i asked ty as the vomit oozed down in-between my shirt and bra.

almost everyone i know is going through some hard trials right now and i would find myself just puzzling over the enormity of requests that are given to Heavenly Father. please help us find a job. please help heal the sick. please help our marriage. please help me find a spouse. please help us find a house with a good neighborhood and school. please help us have a child.  please help me forgive. please help me forget.

around 6am yesterday, as i lay in bed in a groggy no-sleep induced fog, all of my little children were pleading for my help. lunch needed to be made, hair done, cartoons requested, sit by me, feed me, change me and oh! how i just wanted to curl up in a ball and disappear for a few hours. i finally just said a prayer and told it like it is. "i am exhausted and tired and grumpy and need so much sleep. i don't want to do anything today. please help." and you know what? it worked. i got up, cleaned the house, took care of the children without yelling or major death threats (success!) and even put dinner in the crockpot.

we have a few small commitments over the weekend, but the rest will (hopefully) be spent just enjoying one another and maybe shampooing the couches.

to end on a happy note, here's a little sneek peak at our family photo shoot.
the girls looks so grown up! where did my babies go?

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M.C. Sommers said...

I'm glad it's almost the weekend! Weeks like that must be rough, but it always feels good to be on the other side of them.

And I'm with you, I often wonder how Heavenly Father doesn't go completely insane. I wish I had that kind of patience!

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