family pictures this year were just not happening. our wonderful sister-in-law Tara at purebliss gave us a christmas present of a family photo shoot. hooray! who doesn't love that?  but somehow christmas time came and went and it never happened (all on our part i promise you). and then we had a shoot scheduled and our kids got sick. and then we had a shoot scheduled and tara's poor camera died on her.  and then i had post partum depression and was eating 2 loaves of bread a day and didn't want to take any pictures.

but it all doesn't matter, we finally did it! we had a wedding to go to anyways and i said, "hey, let's kill two birds with one stone here." i actually brushed all the kids' hair, put clean clothes on and tried to smile. my only regret is wearing that stupid jean jacket. ty gave it to me for valentine's day in 2004, and i love wearing it! but  i never knew how bulky it looked before. oh well, such are the thoughts of a woman right?

we are happy with all of them. thank you tara!
i have to admit, i look at all those kids and it's a little mind boggling that i birthed 4 little bodies. 


Trent & Tara said...

So glad you like them, I didn't share all of them on facebook. I think the jean jackets added a great element to the photos. What a beautiful family.

Meka said...

Love your family pictures! You have such a cute family!
To answer your question, I'm not sure how figs would taste in the brownies but you could try it! I don't think I've ever had a fig so it's hard for me to know if it would work. Also, if you don't have cacao powder feel free to use cocoa powder, you just wont be getting the superfood benefits of the raw cacao but it should taste the same.

Lauren said...

Love the jean jacket! These are really great pictures :)

Candi said...

LOVE your family photos. Looks like you guys should be in a magazine!!

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