never a dull moment

 phoebe cracks us up on an hourly basis. she is positive that her hair looks gorgeous down and long like this. she'll tilt her head back and shake her locks like the little mermaid and just beam with pride.

poor girl looks like a homeless ragamuffin.

she still strips down every day and uses the potty and then asks for a diaper and uses it. she does not like underwear, at, all. she loves her nursery school at church and her "most favorite of friends". her personality is in 5th gear the entire day. i am so very grateful she wasn't my first child. i would have flayed her alive with my rules and expectations.  we're using more of a "free spirit" approach with this girl(mostly because we are afraid of her rage issues).  if this little patootie gets mad, look out. her crusty face can kill.

in other news, we've been swimming a lot this summer already. can you tell?


Whitney Baldwin said...

Killer tan lines!

I'm loving all your posts lately. There have been some real gems.

And I'm coming to visit the valley in July. Could I stop by and visit you and the kiddos?

Tam said...

She sounds JUST like my Cecilia. Double trouble, I tell ya.
Yay for running again! Good for you!! I'm too chicken...or lazy, but I tell myself it's because I'm resting/gearing up for when I do decide to get off my fanny and do something good for my body.

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