a summer of swimming

 lately as the temperatures go up up up, we are finding ourselves at my parents' pool almost everyday. (oh my goodness, try not to hate how this sounds like blagging) i really didn't plan the summer this way, it just has slowly evolved. the kids are really good now at finding their suits, asking for sunblock, getting their towels, managing their goggles etc.

plus, they are all still so little that after an hour of swimming there isn't too much complaining (lucy!) that it's time to go home and make dinner. phoebe and abby just wear out their little bodies going a mile a minute. and rodney? yeah, he thinks he can swim. while lucy is working on her freestyle stroke, getting higher jumps off the edge and learning how to do an underwater flip.

every once in awhile someone will swim with us and grab rodney so i can play with the girls. and you know what? i feel like i'm 8 years old again in the water.  i just love the freedom of swimming. i love everything about it gosh darn it. maybe because i grew up with one. i don't know, but my heart would die a little if we never put one in (we are on a 10 year timeline for one).

one of my college roomies, Teresa (the piece), came to visit a few weeks ago and we hit up the pool on their way back to Utah. it was hilarious to see us in the pool with our 8 kids. 8! we used to swim at my parents pool in high school and choreograph water ballet songs (we were such nerds). and now, swimming is every second someone saying, "mom! mom! mom! this!".  "look at this mom!",  "how was that mom?"  "mom...MOOOM! watch me!!!!!".  but when we did get to show off for the kids, teresa does her flips off the diving board, and my swan dive is a little more floppy than swanny. but hey, we've still got skills. (sadly, no pictures of that or our last day of school party : (

but i did snap a few pictures with my ipad today.
which just makes me want an iphone even more. gargh.
*these are the best life jacket every invented. there's no other way to swim really. i don't have to worry about phoebe one bit, (except if she decides to take it off without my consent) totally worth buying (plus, they are coat guard approved)
i got my hairs did! after 12 months! (For reals, it had been that long since a cut)
i went all crazy and got bangs and i'm in LOVE with them. 
they hide my rainbow bright wrinkle forehead. plus my mom said i looked younger. cha ching.
i just really like this little boy a lot. my cut and color made him a little confused at first.
 (after this picture he totally whizzed all over my mom)
tonight when i was putting her to bed she said, "oh mom! i love your new head."
goggle faced phoebe, you is my bestest friend. 
(when i see this picture i totally think, "i want pizza steve!" name that movie)


my name is becky kelly said...

hahhaah! and then he licks the top of his pizza and sticks in into his wallet. i need to watch that movie again.
those are clear pictures for an iPad! good work! i want to see your hair in person!

Annie Leavitt said...

You know when you make a copy of a copy of a copy?


Rachelle said...

I love swimming. I used to go to the pool all the time and pretend I was a mermaid. I'd swim with my legs together and talk to myself and wish I could breathe underwater. Poor lifeguards.

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