dear sugar,

guess what? i don't really miss you. i know that's hard to hear, but i wanted you to hear it first from me. we had good times, me and you. but you treated me badly, you were always so unkind in the end. how can someone that looks so innocent and fun be so cruel?

i guess some questions are never meant to be answered.

i've never felt so happy and free before. every day is beautiful to me and i can't wait to meet it. your chains aren't holding me down anymore.

i also wanted to let you know that there is someone new in my life. his name is...bread. i think you know him? you two went to school together back in the day.

i wish you well in your life, but i hope you'll leave other people alone from now on too until you can learn to be kind.

a confused lover

*to be continued.

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Unknown said...

This is Candi (I like being logged in as Cate because she follows more people than I do. You're the only blog I comment on)

Oh bread! Ha! I'm convinced if bread and PB weren't around I wouldn't have any eating issues! I'm not kidding...I had a PB and honey sandwhich almost every single day of college!

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