i ate my words for breakfast

let's just say, rodney and i DID not go for a walk, or swing or do any fun bonding time this morning. he watched tv from the high chair with lucy while he ate his breakfast and i slept. and then i moved him into his play pen (prison) and slept another hour while he played. i was, and still am a total zombie.

see last night rodney woke up at 2am in some kind of hysterics. it almost seemed like a night terror (we've never experienced those yet but i hear they're horrible). he never wakes up in the night so i made him a bottle and put him to sleep. i went into the kitchen and decided to make ty's lunch instead of waking up in 2 hours to do it. i open the spice cupboard for the dill weed (favorite spice to say ever) for the tuna sandwich and VOILA! an army of ANTS. oh, if anything makes my skin crawl it's ants (and mouse turds).

so from 2:30am to 4:30 am i attacked with all my vigor. ok, a majority of the time i was looking at dresses for Taryn's wedding. but after i had wiped and sprayed and wiped and sprayed,  i felt confident they were all gone. until this morning.  bah!!!! snakes on a plane!!!!

i've never had ants in my kitchen, so i guess i was due. but still, i know ty's going to come home and say, "see, i told you to wipe up that honey". grrrrr.

in other news, dani and zach's funeral was wonderful yesterday. somehow i got roped into the news? i shared a lot about dani jo, and what a great person she was. of course they only use a few clips. but she was a great example and it was humbling to see how many people were there to honor her. i cried the entire funeral. the entire time.  and to add a little pettiness in, i really thought i put a lot of make up on that day. but once i saw the video i looked like nothing is on at all. i need help danna.

i have been trying to savor the little moments more. one thing i enjoy doing is the girls' hair. lucy lets me do it every morning bright and early. the other two i have to hog tie and wrestle down to get finished. thank goodness abby has a bob now.
phoebe snapped this during vacation.

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