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-although i have abstained from internet for a few days, i can't get off of instagram. i love it! it's the new facebook i tell you. i can feel in touch and stay in touch with friends all over the country without knowing their political affiliation and how many games they play online.  find me at anniecleavitt

-i am sad about my boobs. don't get me wrong, we had a national geographic subscription growing up, so i knew that sagging just came with age, gravity, and kids. but the shrinkage? that is just wrong. ty said that my chest had false advertising when we got married.

-speaking of ty, he's at scout camp. i haven't showered in 2 days. rodney is sick so we've just watched tv straight and done nothing.

-our dvd player broke that we just purchased in january. thanks to lovely COSTCO! (i love costco) we returned it in 5 seconds and had to purchase a new one. except all they have now is fancy shmancy ones. so...we now get netflix through our tv and the girls are so excited they can barely stand it.

-a month ago i got down the "box". you ladies know what i'm talking about, your "small clothes". and guess what? they all fit...except the non-stretchy pants. what? i really thought not eating sugar would help me out a little in the patootie area! (fyi that's not why i cut out sugar). somehow rodney changed my leg and derrier shape. is that possible?  (ps- i hate it when healthy people scream "I LOST WEIGHT!" and the rest of the world is going, "omgoodness if i have to listen to how fit you are one more time i'm going to suffocate you with marshmallow creme").  i can say this because, i haven't lost weight. not one pound...but things are fitting. except for those saddlebags. oh well.

-we are loving watching the olympics! we have also had a few injuries from gymnastics and volleyball mishaps in the living room. the funniest clip of the olympics so far? the rowing events. man, they are just working so hard. pull, push, pull, push. concentrations is just oozing from their pores, and then in the background shot, you see old guys on these bikes going the exact same speed, except they are barely peddling, like la la lee la dee da. hilarious to me! (but i have a strange sense of  humor)

-i am having a hard time squeezing in more workouts (shooting for 5-6 a week instead of 3). i am just really fighting making the time. then again, phoebe and rodney are like having twins. so....something's gotta give and i happily let it be my workouts. i have never liked Crossfit very much, but it is becoming more and more appealing just because it is SO FAST. 30 minute work out? yes please!

-i stumbled upon this radio show last week in the car and i loved it. by the time we pulled into the driveway i couldn't stop laughing and phoebe's all "you ok mommy? It funny mommy?"  you can listen here

* i keep telling myself that once these two fart knockers get older my life will be easier. but...what if it won't be? ahhhhhh!


Bowler Family said...

About the chest shrinkage....I have a really good doctor who can take care of that for you!! :) Then Ty can have more than was advertised if you want!! hahaha

AND if you have lost weight it is OK to shout it from the rooftops!! Cuz if I ever get those last few pounds off, there is going to be a serious amount of self-back patting!!

Annie Leavitt said...

Haha Ashley! I miss you!

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