like a thief in the night

lately we have been surrounded by loss, and the possibility of loss. death is something we know, for a fact, will happen to each one of us. but life gets busy, priorities slide, we forget what is in important, we take life for granted. we think things will last forever.

a few weeks ago a friend lost their little boy a few hours old. then our dear friends lost their baby mid-pregnancy. all this happening while we at home were silently facing the ugly, two headed monster called cancer. tyson's dad was diagnosed with cancer around 8 weeks ago. luckily, surgery was last week and the dr's are hopeful it is gone. and we started to sigh a sigh or relief, because what would we do without his dad? what do you do when you lose a parent?

and just when we start feeling safe, our friends the Bolton's lose their grandfather in an accident. you can read kathryn's lovely words here. and yesterday, our classmate and friend Dani lost her life along with her baby boy's in a tragic auto accident. leaving behind her husband, two other boys and family. just like that...gone.

our prayers went out for her family last night. for her husband, who will raise those two boys alone now.  for her sweet parents who are grieving. for her siblings her loved her so. i can't think of one time where i saw dani not being kind and loving. from the first time i met her at basketball tryouts (bless her sould she tried to help me with my poor hand eye coordination) and from sunday when we waved at each other in the church hallway. she was a wonderful mother and friend to all. i'm pleased that she is at peace today. death is hardest on those left behind.

 ty and i were somber last night. and looked in on our children, and hugged each other tighter. and vowed to do what was important first, and leave the rest for later. dani and her angel on her lap may have left this life full of grief and pain, and left their mortal bodies. but they will be together again as a family. and for this knowledge, i am extremely grateful. families can be together forever.


Kendra Morris said...

It is crazy how fragile life is. It's easy to forget that it is, and then we are reminded when something tragic happens.

I pray that Rod recovers okay. My heart aches for Dani's family. It doesn't seem fair sometimes but I am grateful for the knowledge of forever families.

Laura Joyce Leavitt said...

This is so sweet Annie. My heart aches for everyone who has felt this kind of loss lately. We have numerous close friends going through these same trials and each time one happens i feel even more grateful for my knowledge of the Lords plan and that my family is a forever family. Our life here on earth truly is so precious.

Rachelle said...

Stories like this always remind me of Kathryn's lesson on the 5th Sunday. When she talked about the beauty of the gospel being about our life's circumstances now. I love knowing that Heavenly Father is okay with us having a hard time. With life being hard.

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