now, go...stop...drop...PAUSE

my cousin katie's husband Alberto Reyes' blog is here
he posts beautiful pictures of NYC everyday.

i need an internet break. for all the awesome things on here that i can find and read, i also spend a lot of wasted minutes of the day browsing. yesterday i painted 3 baseboards in 10 minutes! 10 minutes is like one facebook photo album perusal.

i'll be back in a week or less, i just have to get a break and a little perspective. also i've learned something new this week: have you noticed that motherhood is the only job where it's socially acceptable (dare i say required) to say you stink at it, or deny any compliments on your abilities. has anyone else noticed this? do you ever hear a teacher say, "OH! i'm just so horrible at teaching. all the other teachers are better than me and my classroom is a complete mess."  or an accountant exclaiming, "i'm definitely the worst accountant in this office. i'll never be as good as x,y and z."

seriously, the whole lot of us mothers constantly talk about how crappy we are. how dirty the house is. how we yell at our kids. i'm definitely including myself in this, we just complain and complain and complain. i've recently read some stuff on how negative thoughts breed negative behavior. and in turn, positive thoughts produce positive behavior. so for this week, why not try having a little meditation time each morning and repeating, "i'm a great mom! and we are going to have fun today. and i'm going to get this and this done too."

i bet you it will help us all out. 


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I agree with the negative talk. I don't want people to think that I believe I am the best mom on earth because I am smart enough to recognize my faults and shortcomings, but on the other hand I just try not to dwell on the negatives or I will get swallowed up!

Cathy said...

My computer died a few weeks ago and it's been the best forced break I've ever had. I might not buy a new one.

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