a rainy weekend

after the fourth of july, the weather turns from bad to ugly around here. and every mid july i scream "i'm never living here another summer!". and the next july i'm just suffering all over again. but, oh! it rained yesterday. beautiful rain. we let the kids stay up late and run around in the front yard, yielding umbrellas and poking each others eyes out with them.  i did not want to go and teach zumba, i wanted to just stay outside all night long.

i still went and taught, and i'm going to enjoy this overcast and humid day. i don't care that my bangs are revolting against the weather, it's glorious.

some news for the weekend:

scary news about chickens and antibiotics (more fodder for ty that we NEED our own chickens)

i really love reading these honest posts

i'm 6 weeks into sugar free on saturday. 6 weeks! ( i think? it might be 7)
 i've never felt so fantastic in my life

ty and i went and saw moonrise kingdom. we loved it.

i actually planned out an entire week of dinner meals, and bought  the groceries for them. this hasn't happened for a long time my friends.

i want to go spend the summer in kamas, utah at my grandparents' old house.
wouldn't that be perfect?


Carol said...

Your cousin Liz has three chickens loves it. I am tempted but my dog would kill them. Her dog herds them into the coop at night!

Rachelle said...

Thanks for the shout out.

I don't think I could do chickens. I had to feed my neighbors chickens for a week and realized that I'm scared of them. Cows too. And fish.

Stop subbing in Primary. That's all.

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