the sacred sunday nap

lucy committed the cardinal sin of sunday two weeks in a row, she woke me up from my nap.

if there is anything parents hold dear after going to 3 hours of church, it is the SUNDAY NAP. it holds a special place in both of ty and my hearts. over the last 6 weeks the two babies have morphed into this awesome schedule of sleeping 3 hours after church. tres horas!  so ty and i are getting pretty spoiled by now that we are for sure, most definitely, getting a little sleep eye on the sabbath. and if that's not keeping the day holy i don't know what is.

so last week she woke me up, yelling!, to tell me that something was horribly wrong with abby's foot (she had a blister). yesterday it was to ask me if she could (please now!) watch the new american girl doll movie. what? a movie?  and i feel badly, because when she wakes me up from those naps i turn into mad madam mimm. do not mess with a sleeping momma bear. oh! my whole afternoon was awful.

in hindsight though, i realize that it's just karma. i  deserve to be woken up from a thousand naps after what i did to my dad one sunday. first of all, let me say that this was my brother bill's idea, and not mine. but i was his partner in crime.

somehow, one sunday we (the three little kids, but sarah was innocent) found ourselves in the possession of a video camera. probably one of our married sibling's that they left at the house. i remeber those sunday afternoons when mom and dad napped and you had to be so quiet! for like, forever! and i was so incredibly bored to tears!  (hahahaha, now i make my kids do that). so bill comes up with this brilliant screenplay in his mind. we were going to scare my dad and suddenly wake him up from his nap and catch it on video. brilliant! i smelled oscar material. so we set up the stage of me by the stairway banister (that is that curly cue 70's metal of course), a hammer, billy and the camera.

"ok, when i hit the bar you need to yell really loud "ow! ow! ow!" and then i'll run in and catch hime waking up."  the plan was set. the hammer swung..TWANGGGGG it rang throughout the whole house. "ow! ow! ow!!!!!!! ow!!!!!! owwwww!!!!!!!" i screamed. and i'm sure i was going way over the top with my lines, because, well, that's just what i do.

(now at this point, i can't remember if i ran behind billy to see my parents' faces or if he was solo) billy runs down the hall, opens their door, "dad! mom! annie hit her leg really hard!!!" and oh my goodness, i'm surprised we are still alive to retell the story. can you even imagine what my parents' felt? i would have chopped my children into little pieces and shipped them overseas if they did that. i don't remember what happened to us as far as punishment (or maybe i blocked it out). but i know we never woke them up, ever again. to this day i will still never wake them up from a nap, but that's more out of respect and empathy. if i'm this tired at the end of the week at 30, i can't even imagine at 70 what it's going to be like.

so dad, sorry about that. and lucy, sorry i yelled at you yesterday. but for the love, stop waking me up!
july 5th, 2012 salt lake city.


Ginny said...

I remember my mom and dad napping on Sunday afternoons. I even remember my mom's sweet blue sweat pants that she would wear ;)

Melanie said...

We were just laughing about that story with your Mom and Sarah last week. :)

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